Backpack in Striped Denim [ LIMITED EDITION ]

R497.50 R995.00

Our Backpack in Striped Denim is a functional flatpack bag. Each product is crafted using washed 100% cotton Denim, making it light and convenient to travel with. It has a velcro closing at the top and clips to form a dual closure and handle.  Sporting durable straps and hiking clips, the iconic Research Unit logo and details on the handles.

  • Denim 100% cotton 
  • Industrial woven nylon strap
  • Machine washable on 30 Degrees


  • Capacity up to 4L
  • Flat pack
  • velcro closure
  • leather
  • shell is machine stitched 
  • Made In South Africa 


  • Hand-crafted by skilled individuals from communities in South Africa 
  • Leather is veg-tan from South Africa and a bi-product of the meat industry in South Africa
  • We strive to make fewer products, better