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We introduce new curated boxes every month filled with handmade products from our artisans from South Africa.

By signing up, every month you will automatically receive something special delivered right to your door. From our artisan community in South Africa to you. 


Enjoy your unique items, and the feeling that comes with reducing global poverty and working together to save jobs improve sustainability

  • Assorted RU canvas roll-kit bag ( bottles and accessories not included)
  • 2x leather coasters ( Glasses not included)
  • Water-proof ripstop tote bag.


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Shopping ethically

Discover unique and ethically-made products handmade by  artisans around South Africa.  Every box you subscribe to, ensures a continuation of job creation in South Africa.

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Save between 30% and 70% on exclusive sales. From box add-ons and VIP sales to exclusive collection launches from our artisan partners.

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Frequently asked questions

What comes in my box?

Each box features a themed collection of 3-4 hand-crafted items, produced by artisans from South Africa and Africa. There are 2 box themes available each month, and you have the opportunity to choose which one you’d like to receive.

What if I don’t like what’s in the box?

With your Artisan Box subscription, you choose which box you receive each month. Unlike other subscription boxes, where you only have one option every month or even quarter, we offer more 2-3 box themes each month. 

How do I know you’re paying the artisans fairly?

Rest assured, we share your passion for ensuring workers receive fair wages. Here’s how we’re different to other subscription companies or retailers:
  • We always pay artisans above-average wages.
  • We work directly with artisan groups to ensure they enjoy safe and healthy working conditions, and support them through additional community projects (with help from our customers!) in our collections and hand-made RTW and Accessories.
  • Our mission is to provide stable income and job opportunities to artisans around South Africa and Africa. Part of the way we do this is by connecting their craft to the global market, so that the demand for their products is healthier than ever. Our impact is our number one priority. Join us to be a part of it!