Tickled Pink

  • By Kirsti Nagel

Tickled Pink

“It was a mistake!” – Erin-Lee.

Oopsie! Have you ever made a mistake that actually worked out better than your initial objective? Well, this is how our back-by-popular-demand colour, Dusty Pink, was born!



As you may know, in order to get a specific colour of canvas, our amazing dye factory, Zamfos, follows quite an intricate process before physically dyeing! Different coloured dyes get mixed together and tested on the canvas until the PERFECT colour is matched! Before starting the production process of our 2017 Artikat collection, our super-cool directors had to narrow down colourways in order to begin the dyeing process.



After the dye creating and matching process had been underway for a small amount of time, a slight 'veer-off-the' path occurred, the colour was a complete miss – a mistake! TO OUR DELIGHT!

Some canvas came out turquoise, and some came out pink, which isn’t what we had been after initially, but we actually really loved it!” Erin-Lee chuckled!

As the progressive humans behind Research Unit, our directors proceeded to make a small handful of packaging tote bags out of the odd-ball colour, just for fun! (As one does at RU)



“A friend of ours in Germany actually saw us using one of these bags and practically begged us for one! Of course we gave him one and the feedback couldn’t be better, actually! Many people come across him with this bag rave about it and ask where he got it from, which is partly why we decided to bring it back – popular demand, if you will!”, the dynamic-duo on the Dusty Pink mishap(py)!


RU only brought out a few products in Dusty Pink for the Artifakt collection, which was only to run for a set amount of time, but the feedback and inquiries from our RU Humans have been spectacular, to say the least!

Needless to say, the mishap(py) colour is back by popular demand, and we are just Tickled Pink!

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