This is not an advert for White Label.

  • By Kirsti Nagel

This is not an advert for White Label.

Have you ever been constrained while travelling? No, I don’t mean being taken in after being caught travelling with questionable goods, I mean weight wise – your luggage, that is.

Or even hiking and biking around on a hot day and the weight of your backpack exceeds that of the content and you have your significant other do (dangerous) physiotherapy on your neck and shoulders that evening.


Well, not anymore! GET YOURS NOW! Research Unit White Label collection now availa… Excuse me, this is not and advert.


What you see showcased on the beautiful blond is the new RU White Label – it’s super light! And progressive! And cool! And I’m totally bias, but that’s irrelevant because this collection is just…(swearword) cool.

Now, this week we had to take pictures of this new collection and it was quite a ride, which is so apt because this collection is aimed at the frequent traveler and showcasing the progressive travel goods now coming out of South Africa(really, this isn’t an advert).

So, you see the beautiful blond? We had 4 hours in which to shoot her (Don’t worry, it was with a camera).

Of those 4 hours, 2 were spent driving around searching for the perfect industrial-looking location, finding it and then being denied entrance because we were not a skilled sailor or the guy that manages the machines that stack the containers like a professional lego man.

Another 15 minutes went to being hit on by fishermen (I’ll leave that to your imagination, but it really happened) and finally, with the remaining 1 hour and 45 minutes, we actually shot Deandra!



It was quite an experience to take these pictures, to say the least. Deandra even spilled her oats on her jacket, but how amazingly did she rock the look? And the label?

Showcasing in a more industrial setting translates to the fact that White Label’s natural environment is anywhere.

(I promise, this isn’t an advert)


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