The Perfect Three-Way

  • By Kirsti Nagel

The Perfect Three-Way

Have you ever paid for a three-way?

Goodness Gracious, I’m talking about a bag here! The April Backpack, in fact. But I can see how that might have come out wrong…Ha. Sorry not sorry?

Anyway, as you know, all RU Masterpieces are (multi)functional, and this one is about to BLOW your mind!




I can just imagine the first, and most obvious, question you might have – the name? Well, it’s rather simple. Our oh-so lovely Creative Director, Erin-Lee, conceived the brainchild in the month of April 2017, BUT, the bag only came into the world (officially) almost 7 months later!

Prototype after prototype…and VOILA! The perfect Three-Way! You know what I mean… No? Let me clear the air. You can wear the bag in Three different ways!

A backpack, shoulder sling bag or carried as a suave brief.



The awesome director-duo of Research Unit are a pair of the most progressively stylish people you will ever come across, hence the reason the brand oozes with tasteful versatility. ( I am NOT biased, I am just professionally in awe of my employers.)

“ I wanted a bag that was both professional and ‘cool’ – a piece that could appropriately carry me through a work day as easily as it could through the city streets.” – Erin-Lee.

Always ‘packing’ in a way that would make Mary Poppins proud, a stylishly compartmentalized bag had become a necessity to produce!



After the bag had progressed into toddler-hood, it traveled to Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris in January 2018 to accompany our savvy Directors to an international tradeshow! This resulted in another prototype-like phase – the evolutionary adjustments to make this three-way even more desirable! (Mind out of the gutter, darling)

The avid daily use in the gorgeous and rainy streets of Europe brought about changes to the refined finishes and mechanisms that made them even more user-friendly and tasteful! This can only confirm that every RU masterpiece is only put out to our beautiful RU Humans after it has successfully been used on your behalf to ensure only the very best.


The April Backpack is a one-of-a-kind Masterpiece that we can only hope excites you as much as it does us.

The most excited any Three-Way could ever make you!

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