That's our Girl!

  • By Kirsti Nagel

That's our Girl!


All of the RU Masterpieces are hand crafted – this is not to say they are all completely hand stitched. (Have you tried hand stitching an entire duffle bag? You wouldn’t be seen for at least three weeks)

The many pieces that make up a Research Unit product have to be stitched into a useable component to make up a masterpiece, and this is where Thembeka comes in.



Thembeka was born and raised in the Mother City and has been a seamstress since 1988! After having lived in Johannesburg for many years, she relocated back to Cape Town to be with family after the unfortunate loss of her husband in 2012.

The last four years have been golden for RU – the skills and experience Thembeka has brought along with her are priceless, which is why she has been our main seamstress since 2014!



Starting out as a hand-seamstress working mostly on clothes before coming to Research Unit, Thembeka was presented with a new task – machine-stitching canvas! She had never worked with canvas before, let alone canvas bags, and even taught herself how to use a sewing machine!



Our lovely Thembeka does all of the machine stitching in all of the stages of making a RU Masterpiece – from shoe bags and laptop sleeves to the final stitches of a duffle bag – she’s our girl!


To the lady that keeps it all together – literally!

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