Refined Finishes.

  • By Kirsti Nagel

Refined Finishes.

Not all that glitters is gold…and not all that is antique is old.

This is not a poem, I promise, I’m just good at this, to be honest.

Okay, back on track! Bags, bags, bags!

If you were wondering, the finishes on our masterpieces are also hand crafted and polished out of something different!

A refined finish – Antique Brass.



Now, just because the word ‘antique’ is in the name, does not mean you have to worry! Think of the finishes as mature – not in age, but in aesthetic. Refined.

“We decided on antique brass because it was something different to silver or gold finishes. It sets us apart as a brand and it compliments the leather well, almost ‘flatters’ our accessories!” – straight from the horses mouth! (The horse is also our Creative Director, Erin-Lee Petersen).

The finishes are first laser cut out of pieces of mild steel and further bent up with a CNC machine or cast to take the exact shape we need! Casting is for the stubborn pieces – the hard headed ones who don’t take shape the first time around!



Once the pieces have been cut, they are plated in a layer of antique brass liquid and further hand polished with a dremmel machine to give it a beautiful shine.

Once the process of refining our finishes is complete, they are all attached to our masterpieces – BY HAND!

Even our zip pullers are made from scratch using two small rounds of leather to tightly hug a small sheet of antique brass.

Belt buckles, bag buckles, beautifully polished b...(something that rhymes. I know I told you this was not a poem, but this is for your enjoyment.)



This is just a small piece to give some insight into the many spheres of crafting that goes into creating and forming our masterpieces.

RU pieces are often defined by the functionality, but remembered for the refined finishes.

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