New Years Re-Soul-Ution

  • By Kirsti Nagel
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New Years Re-Soul-Ution


It’s the start of a new year, you just read the title of this blog post and I know what you’re thinking…’Not another New Years resolution’’, but hear me out, okay?



It’s a brand new year – a clean slate, if you will. So don’t bring any of that old S##T with you – it’s heavy and only slows you down!


Oh, I see…you’re struggling to shake it, aren’t you? Well, let’s try and fix that.


Do you know what the easiest way to clean a white board is? Colour over the old ink with new ink – ONE wipe and it’s off! (Well, besides using a white board eraser and spray. DUH).

My amazing boss and creative director, Erin-Lee, laughed her head off at me when I showed her this for the first time, but in actual fact, she didn’t realize how familiar the concept actually was.



Research Unit uses the same basic concept, but not only at the start of a new year - it has become a part of the soul and function of the brand! We are constantly putting new ink over the old, moving forward and progressing! (‘New ink’ being feedback from our RU humans on the current ink, research on new ‘stuff’ etc.)


So, with Research Unit being the same white board throughout the year, we are continuously creating a clean slate to work on by bringing in the ‘new’ and shaking off that S##T I mentioned at the beginning of this blog post.



Here’s some food for thought – why not make a New Years Re-soul-ution and change for the long run; use every day as a new slate on your white board of life.


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