Let It Rip!(Or Not)


Let It Rip!(Or Not)

Do you know what material parachutes are made from? Or even hot air balloons? Very few can give the actual name of the material – it’s not ‘tent material’ (that’s like the ‘cousin’ to the material used for parachutes and hot air balloons).

The family member we are focusing on is called Ripstop Material.



Although bags and accessories don’t fly like parachutes and hot air balloons, our Ripstop range is perfect for the frequent traveller!

But, let’s focus on breaking down what the material is.


Ripstop is an extremely durable material that is made up of nylon or synthetic fiber threads that have been woven in a crosshatch or interlocking pattern with a base material, such as polyester or even silk – it looks like a constellation of pixelated squares!

This specific technique results in strong reinforcement and makes the material resistant to tearing or ripping – light bulb! (Yes, hence the name.)



No bag will ever be life proof - we’re working on that, but at this point we can guarantee rip-proof and waterproof!

We at RU truly feel that bags are meant to be used and put to the test of survival, and in doing so, we know s#it happens!


By producing a range made from Ripstop Material, gashes and holes will no longer be seen as the end of a bag’s lifespan, but more like the scar of survival! The interlocked threads are a force to be reckoned with - versatile and tough enough to block the spread of any tears, while also preventing tears (and not just because it’s waterproof).



We have combined Ripstop material with seatbelt straps, two-way zips and drawstrings to carry our frequent travellers in complete progressive style, while eliminating the fear of Murphy creeping in.

The name of this range, you ask? WHITE LABEL.


Be sure to come back for next week’s post on the launch of the White Label collection with our new stockist!

Until then – let it rip! (Or not).



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