Launching An Evolution

  • By Kirsti Nagel

Launching An Evolution

Determined to push boundaries and showcase to the world the phenomenal quality South Africa is capable of producing, we are on a journey of evolution! 


Opening a brand new Flagship store in Cape Town’s V&A Watershed, we'd like to think we are on a ‘level up’ streak, and we have no intention of slowing down! Housing our classic collection, our ‘frequent traveler’ range, also known as the White Label collection, as well as our newest range, proudly boasting our heritage, called Masala, we have built the space to be a direct depiction of the Research Unit progressive essence.

Even though our newest collection was brought out recently, in true Research Unit fashion, two of the star pieces have already gone through an evolutionary process! (How else do you know us? HA!) We wanted to revolutionize what are already groundbreaking ideas, concepts and designs, to further prove to the world what ‘local’ is capable of producing and creating.


Our garment nappa leather Moon Bag has an interior that exudes functional luxury and tickles the aesthetic fancy. We've also taken a progressive angle on a longstanding, proudly African craft that can be seen on the hand beaded strap of our Khorma Bucket Bag - a completely hand stitched, vegetable tanned leather bag, resembling a high end picking basket. “The world is looking to Africa for inspiration and we are determined to break past the boundaries of the stigma attached to Africa, and South Africa, by showcasing traditional styles in progressive ways.” – Erin-Lee, Creative Director.


We are here, and we are saying "Watch this space!"


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