Family Christmas Card

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Family Christmas Card

Have you seen those posts going around on the internet saying “2016 was the purging year; 2017 has been the year of resurrecting and 2018 will be the year of actualization”?

Well 2017, for Research Unit, was a combination of all three… and 2018 hasn’t even come around yet!

So, to celebrate, the RU Family had a Christmas lunch!



If you’re expecting the knitted Reindeer Christmas jerseys, singing Bony Em while holding hands at a calm Christmas Lunch, you are mistaken!

Well, thanks to Chad, there was some Bony Em playing in the background, but it was more for laughs than anything else (Apparently – we’ll just leave it at that).


From Manelisi taking ‘selfies’ of the wall instead of himself (until his sister showed him how to switch the camera), to teasing Phumla about her non-eyebrow-raising life habits, the Christmas lunch was further away from CALM than Heaven is from Hell! And yet, it was a heavenly afternoon.

The year 2017 has brought about equal amounts of challenges and positive growth – more than we had never even dreamed of!

Sifting through new staff members as if we were mixing dry ingredients of a Research Unit cake, dealing with very uhm.. ‘level headed’ customers and fighting a lion in the cage of LIFE, there is more to celebrate and look forward to than any complaints we may have!


Collaborations with wonderful fellow creatives, travel, winning TWO awards and The Cape Chamber event for Design and Transformation, and our highlight – being accepted to showcase at Show and Order trade show in Berlin!

Strangers, friends and acquaintances come and go, but family sticks like super glue, whether we like it or not. You shout and scream, insult and bitch-at, but at the end of the day, they are the rock and solid foundation of so many parts of your life, and that is exactly what we have here!

As much as our products are our masterpieces that carry the RU name as high as Snoop Dogg, none of it would be possible without each and every living, talented artisan behind the progressive and recognizable name that is Research Unit.


From us to you – we wish you a prosperous and glorious 2018!

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