Exposure, Attention, Interpretation, Recall.

  • By Kirsti Nagel

Exposure, Attention, Interpretation, Recall.

Exposure, attention, interpretation and recall – a break down of how human beings develop a general feeling toward something, or a perception of it. Each phase is rather redundant without the previous, think of it this way; you would not be able to pay attention to something without having been exposed to it and taken interest in the first place. This is the perceptual process.



In order for you to actually pay attention to something, it needs to catch your eye and keep you engaged in order for you to sum up an actual feeling toward it, be it good or bad, and our aim is to catch your eye and keep it. Not in a creepy way, more like holding a romantic gaze, and this is easier when looking at something attractive ie. a Research Unit Masterpiece, perhaps?

What’s better than one aesthetically pleasing product? A bunch of them together! So why not make it a collective? A collective of beauty is more likely to grab attention and stick in the mind of the average human being than just one pretty-piece. This is the last step in the perceptual process – becoming a part of the memory bank in the ever-so busy minds of us humans. So, without further a due, feast your eyes on some of our most prized pieces of the Classic Research Unit Collection.


Exposure – Attention – Interpretation – Recall.

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