• By Kirsti Nagel


What is the most unique thing you have drawn inspiration from? (Rhetorical, of course!) Having thought about that, the next question is, would you ever have thought a dog and spice could be inspiring? Not your most common combo, right? I know – enough with the questions! I’ll get to it!



As you know, RU has just launched the new AW18 Masala Collection - with a unique and personal take on ‘Africa’, it’s not like anything you will have ever seen before, and I would like to shed a little more light on what inspired our dynamic-duo to construct the deconstructed!


“We seeded out ways to dye and deconstruct our canvas, thereby creating the layers of fringing on the bags and keeping our dynamic of canvas and leather on our product.” said Chad Petersen.


Saffron, a rare fragranced spice was their inspiration for the fringing and deconstruction of canvas for the deep totes, humerously and lovingly named the Zuki Fringe Bag. Wipe the confused look off your face – all will be explained!


The multiple fringe layers on each of the Zuki Bags were physically deconstructed by hand! Ripped jeans, move out of the way – there’s a Research Unit bag making a larger statement and the inspiration is, well…inspirational!





Kazuki, the name of the oh-so-sassy Maltese owned by Erin-Lee and Chad, is most commonly known by most as Zuki. From the moment he enters the RU Workshop, he can be heard at the other side of the business park! This physically little boy features a large-and-in-charge personality, piercing bark and a mop of hair good enough to inspire (you guessed it) a Research Unit Masterpiece!


Did you ever think you’d be sporting an animal-inspired piece such a stylish and ethical way?

Talk about a ‘spicy’ poodle AND collection – literally!





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