Collab Mayhem!

  • By Kirsti Nagel

Collab Mayhem!

Lights, music, que models…ACTION!

“NO, WAIT! That bag looks like a cake that flopped when it came out the oven! It needs more stuffing!”

Have you ever been backstage at a fashion show? You’d think it would be smooth sailing, right?

Think more…(insert intensely witty ship-meets-roaring-ocean phrase.)

We’re into fashion,okay - the only shipping we do is sending our online orders to international customers.

 Back to the point – it’s MAYHEM!

 The RU trio that is Chad (the genius), Erin (the creative) and Kirsti (the walking lens) flew up to Jozi to RU-accessorize the oh-so-suave De Mil show in the A/W18 SA Fashionweek in Sandton.

You’d swear we were wrapping up an entire warehouse of fine China with the amount of bubble wrap we were handling behind the scenes.

Nope – just, you know, stuffing our bags to make them look good in the spotlight.


“How was the show?”

“…we wouldn’t know.”


Yes – flying up to the big J-H-B to not see the show! The creative-genius couple stayed behind the scenes pounding plastic bubbles into our handcrafted masterpieces in a matter of seconds and placing them very strategically on the multipla of models ie. In their hands.

Well, obviously on their back’s, too. Ha.

And I, the walking lens , lived up to my title and snapped away, capturing everything from men with sapphire blue lipstick (YAAS!) to our gorgeous products strutting their stuff down the runway. This, while being told I wasn’t allowed to stand where I wanted to in order to snap away.

…I stayed there anyway.


And obviously, being Fashionweek, us ladies opted to wear heels - vanity knows no pain, right?

Well, yes. Because we lost all feeling in our feet by the end of the night.


And all of this mayhem, for a 7 minute show.


But do you want to know something? We’d do it again in a heartbeat.

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