Click Click!

  • By Kirsti Nagel

Click Click!

A puzzle is made up of a number of pieces that are cut to fit into each other perfectly in order to make a final picture. In our case, the final picture is a hand crafted high end, luxury accessory. BOOM.

But, how do we go about making the pieces?



We have previously covered the canvas and leather dyeing process, but what about the straps and handles? After all, they are what make our Masterpiece puzzles functional!

Cutting the pieces is a whole new ballgame in itself, though!

We use what is called a Clicker Press – a big hydraulic hunk of metal!

…Click Click!




We have metal templates for each and every strap, handle and finish for our masterpieces to be cut!

All we do is put the template in the hunk of metal, set the hydraulic pressure, depending on the thickness of the leather, and…CLICK! The puzzle pieces are cut! Shapes, holes, edges and curves – done!



Now, Edwards Scissor hands was not perfect at cutting, and neither is our Clicker Press – there is a fine art to cutting! So, after clicking, we finish the edges by hand to make them as smooth and even as possible before finally completing the puzzle!


And…Voila! Le Puzzêl is complete!

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