Chicken or beef curry sir?


Chicken or beef curry sir?

No, we are not in an airplane being presented with the question of which meal to choose, but you will definitely choose Masala regardless!

With styling and photography cooked up by the up-and-coming Greats of our era, Lukhanyo Mdingi and Sarah Hugo-Hamman, the brand new collection dropping this month is one visual meal you will be chomping on endlessly!




Concisely thought of and created by our power duo, Erin-Lee and Chad, Masala is a beautiful and personal take on Africa, depicted in a way that has never been seen before!


“Chad and I both grew up in the Cape Malay culture in Cape Town and were vastly exposed to the Muslim culture and Cape Malay dishes that exuded smells of curry and koeksisters. We lived in the heart of Cape Town where the culture still exists today and was a way of telling a tasteful story of OUR Africa and the version we saw while growing up.” Says Creative Director, Erin-Lee Petersen




The pair was drawn to the spices used to cook traditional Cape Malay curries as their colour inspiration for the new collection and chose tumeric, masala, coriander (dhanya in Cape Malay) and Rice as the exact colours to pair at the canvas dye house.

Saffron, a rare fragranced spice was their inspiration for the fringing of the deep tote bags (as well as their Maltese Poodle named Kazuki, whom effortlessly sports fringy, white locks!)

“We seeded out ways to dye and deconstruct our canvas, thereby creating the layers of fringing on the bags and keeping our dynamic of canvas and leather on our product.” said Chad.





The collection will be available online and our Flagship V&A Waterfront Store later this month.

You do not want to miss the brushing of multiple fringed doggy-inspired tote bags and a brand new Bucket bag resembling a high end, luxury curry pot with the drop of this collection!

Chicken or beef? MASALA!

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