Canvas To Dye For

  • By Kirsti Nagel

Canvas To Dye For


Most of our masterpieces are comprised of a combination of Vegetable Tanned leather and a selection of canvas in various colourways, but what many of our RU Humans are unaware of is the process by which we get our canvas to the gorgeous, classic range of colours. Do not fret - We’ve got it covered! (Que entrance into Zamfos Dyers)



Fortunately, this story does not include politics, but it does include someone that could be seen as the Zamfos First Lady of canvas dyeing.

The first step of getting the exact colour our RU hearts desire, is by taking swatches of our canvas in its raw state to First Lady Sandra to dye until the perfect shade comes through and our vision can be brought to life! (We might also receive a recipe or two – this First Lady is good with concoctions!)



Once the perfect colour has been concocted, the canvas is cut into pieces of 2.5m in length, at a total minimum weight of 5kg or more, and needs to be pre-treated in it’s completely raw state.

Now here’s an interesting fact - depending on the nature of the colour the canvas needs to be dyed to, the pre-treatment will differ! For darker colours, the canvas needs to be scoured – to clean and brighten the surface before being dyed, and for brighter colours, the raw canvas is to be bleached to ensure the colours come out as rich and vivid as possible!



Once the pre-treatment has been done, the canvas gets tossed into what looks like a giant tumble dryer –or rather, a giant tumble dyer!

At a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, the canvas dances with the dye until it is even and set – ready to take the form of a masterpiece!

This entire process can take anywhere from 3 to 6 working days to be completed, starting from the day that the canvas is brought in!

We are eternally grateful to our trusty canvas dyers at Zamfos Dyers for always producing top quality dyed canvas for our RU range – here’s to 2018 and any new colourway journeys!

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