• By Kirsti Nagel



All that meets the eye is not everything to be seen…let that sink in. Or rather, try to understand it! All that makes up the final images of a beautiful lookbook is not often seen or even heard of! It’s not always easy and it’s not always smooth sailing, but who would trust the captain of a ship if he didn’t know how to handle the waves?



It’s the day of the shoot and you’d think finding a perfect location and backdrop in a gigantic and gorgeous national park would be a piece of cake! Well… it seemed like all the pieces were hidden in a greedy child’s lunchbox! As golden hour drew closer, we drove further in search of what resembled golden sponge with ocean frosting! All while the hungry models waited patiently to hear “”we found the cake”(CAKE BEING THE LOCATION…PLEASE KEEP UP.)



Breaking down an 8 hour long ‘shoot’, only about an hour was spent actually shooting! Atleast three hours used on location scouting, about an hour used on brushing our fringe bags with a dog brush and the rest trying not to slip on the rocks or get pummeled by a wave! Keeping it together behind the scenes is not as easy as what the end product makes it seem!




“The gates close in half an hour and we still need to shoot two bags!” ’We’re losing sun!’’ “Where’s the dog brush?!” Did you ever think you’d hear that on a human shoot? You will when the creative directors are inspired by their own Maltese Poodle to design a brand new masterpiece!

Life has a funny way of presenting you with challenges in order for you to become resilient – the choice is yours never to submit to the darkness, even when you’re losing light in your golden hour.


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