• By Kirsti Nagel


Yes, you read correctly. 

Now, before you let your mind go any further into the gutter, think of the most beautiful thing we are all blessed with -Life.

The nine months leading up to a new life are beautifully painful, but result in a masterpiece – you.

It is the same with design; our ARTisanal RU products are our masterpieces, which each serve a life of their own (a guaranteed ten years to be exact. Ha.)

But, the (literal) labour that goes into a masterpiece is enough to make you question if it is worth it, at times. But, it most definitely is.

 Prototype after prototype, “Nope…it needs a tweak here, here, here,…SHIT and here.”

“Manelisi, why are you late – we have an order of ten million billfolds for tomorrow!”

“Zanele, why aren’t the 35 thousand Pochette Slings out yet?”

Okay, not really, but sometimes it feels like Mnt Everest when it is, in fact, just a small pile of leather pieces that need to be stitched into a Research Unit ‘something’, or tweaking a design just one more time to finally make it ..*exhale*.. a Research Unit masterpiece, full of life.



We have opted for the road less travelled – the long one, where we get our hands dirty and have to go back and forth numerous times because our products are made with imperfect human hands and not Edward Scissor Hands ie. Machines of mass production.


Art is messy and has no bound, but having vision and creativity come to life at the finger tips of the family of individuals in our very own RU House makes it worth it.

It’s the type of ‘anal’ you enjoy.

images taken on Film: Portra 400 -Olympus MJU2 & XA camera 


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