80 MORE Units, Please.

  • By Kirsti Nagel

80 MORE Units, Please.

The process by which we create and produce is quite a timely and ‘steppy’ one to follow.

Many may suspect we make X-amount of completed products per day, and that would be a big…NO.

We follow a strict and mapped out schedule of prepping, cutting, stitching, and finally, assembling! This can be amusingly explained – especially when we get an order for 80 Concrete Duffle Bags.



First, all of the respective leather and canvas pieces need to be cut and prepped, and for an order of 80 duffles, this amounts to a total of a bajillion pieces, making the workshop resemble the inside contents of a baby’s toy box. Accurately, each duffle consists of 61 pieces of leather and 8 pieces of canvas to be assembled. (Excluding zips, pullers, clasps and the artisans’ sanity)

My trusty phone calculator assures me this total’s to 5520 pieces for 80 Concrete Duffles - and ONE BuZzinG workshop!

Bare in mind, production of our classic range of Masterpieces still continues in the toy box!



You’re probably wondering why we mad(e) 80 MORE Concrete Duffle Bags than what is usually put into production…

Ever heard of MORE Luxury Lodges and Hotels?

A beautiful, family owned and run business, currently in it’s 4th generation, that aim to give lifelong memorable experiences, and we are fortunate enough to have a solid and longstanding relationship with the group!

With breathtaking locations all over the country, MORE often host, not only ‘getaway’ orientated guests, but business orientated, too!

This is where we come in… In May 2018, MORE will be hosting 80 guests at a business conference and will be presenting each attendee with a RU Concrete Duffle Bag.




You don’t necessarily have to become a businessman in order to cop a RU masterpiece, just to let you know! But, we can assure you it will carry you well the MORE adventures you take on!

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