Research Unit is Utilitarian Brand who design Elevated, Considered and Sustainable Clothing Pieces and Accessories.

Designing for a longer life and advancing the use of responsible and ethically produced materials are some of the main priorities in reducing our footprint as well as working with women to empower them in our communities. Our garments might look basic but it
is anything but that. Our philosophy is always to look effortlessly chic. True luxury lies not in expensive fabrics but the choice of fabrics contributing to a piece of clothing that transcends the test of fads to be worn until it must be passed on the next. Elevated Basics are at the center of a good modular wardrobe. Sustainable, high-quality, practical, beautiful, chic, versatile, understated, wearable, tailored and totally effortless. They may be simple terms of style or colour, but you have a feeling that they are different. They are more...more luxurious, more unique, more stylish, more chic.

Our products are thoughtfully designed by Erin-Lee and Chad Petersen, through careful use and balance of materials, considering each form, fit and it's function, with acute attention to detail.

The brand became established over the years, but they began crafting accessories in their own workshop in Cape Town in 2013 and futher progressed into designing clothing pieces and accessories until today.

Jackets and Coats


Our Ripstop Jacket Collection is made from Waterproof Nylon fabric. It is... 


Our Men's Collection is a well-considered assortment of basic pieces which can also be worn by...